" From our love for our homeland, came the desire to have our name on one of the typical products of excellence of the territory : the grapes and the wines it produces." D.M.


Our wine comes from  the flats in the Friuli area, from a terrain rich in minerals and sheltered from the cold northerly winds. This richness of the soli originates from the nearby alps, with the minerals transported to the plains over the centuries via the flooding of the rivers Meduna, Cellina and Tagliamento. This area is known as’ le Grave’.

This area is extremely flat and is characterised by a stony surface, all features which emphasize the temperature difference between day and night. The gentle climate created by the vicinity to the Adriatic sea serves to calm the otherwise harsh conditions and creates a microclimate ideal for developing extraordinary wine.

That’s why we decided to grow our grapes here, right in the middle of Le Villotte in the town of San Quirino, located in the province of Pordenone. Our grapes are typical of the north east of Italy and ideal for our soil, which although at first glance is seemingly inhospitable, in reality conceals unique conditions to create products of the highest quality.


Daniele Molmenti
Daniele Molmenti
Federico Celot
Federico Celot
Lorenzo Fornasier
Lorenzo Fornasier
Eleonora Rossi
Eleonora Rossi

Daniele Molmenti

The founder of the company, Daniele is responsible for, amongst other duties, the commercial, administrative and marketing of the company. He is known for his victory at the London 2012 Olympics in his sport of kayak slalom. His passion for viticulture, and his strong family bond to his area of origin, has compelled him to invest in this land and local produce.

Federico Celot

Co-founder of the company, and responsible for the overseas business, Federico started his working life as a chemical engineer and is now working in the heart of the financial district of London. He is very passionate about Italian viticulture and accompanies his cousin Daniele in this project aiming to promote the excellence of the produce of his homeland.

Lorenzo Fornasier

administrator and agricultural production and cultivation consultant of Molmenti & Celot SRL, Lorenzo was born to family tradition in the world of agriculture and viticulture. Known for his professionalism and experience, he accompanies Molmenti & Celot from birth in 2012.

Eleonora Rossi

Chief Commercial and Marketing Manager and web, wife of Daniele, Eleonora graduated from the Politecnico of Milano and brings his experience in the family brand.

The Vineyard


Our prosecco is very bubbly and youthful with delicate and dry flavour.
Elegant with its golden colour ,it becomes ven brighter once poured in the glass. The wine is soft and dry at the palate with an initial fruitiness fading into flowery aromas.
These features make it excellent for aperitives, an ideal companion for many starters, particularly with seafood.
Production: the wine is produced through a delicate and cold maceration and gentle pressing in a controlled temperature environment. The second fermentation is carried out through the Italian Method (Metodo Martinotti) with slow prise de mousse at 12°C.
ABV: 11.00%
Serving: our wine should be served chilled at a temperature between 6° and 8°C
Storage: keep it flat, in a cool location, and avoid prolonged direct exposure to light



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The wines
The bet

Two cousins, a bet and a gold medal!


Daniele had finished competing at the Beijing 2008 Olympics and had started his preparations for London 2012.

Part of this was to spend an increasing amount of time in London training and he therefore started spending more time with his cousin Federico who was already residing here.

This is where the bet was born, that they would buy a plot of land to create a vineyard in Pordenone if Daniele won a gold medal at London 2012.


Daniele won gold for Italy at the 2012 London Olympics in the kayak slalom event reminding Federico about the bet.

In 2014 Daniele and Federico started their first commercial wine brand with a traditional Prosecco recipe originating from the region they come from: Friuli.


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